App construction kit & individual app development cleverly combine

Simply build and develop individual native apps with a No or less code strategy!

With the App Construction Kit from contentDock® you can create apps for tablets and smartphones - for your business, organization or educational institution - without programming knowledge.

Designing native apps yourself and being able to functionally supplement them with individual developments - this is app development with contentDock®.

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Install the contentDock® Apps

The contentDock® apps are free of charge available for iPadOS in the Apple App Store.

For Android, the contentDock® Viewer App will be available in the Google Play Store in April 2021.

contentDock® Wireframer App

contentDock® Viewer App

Your digital construction kit for real native apps

Use the manifold possibilities of mobile Apps if you want to provide your customers and prospective customers with competent content on relevant topics.

Design the templates for your apps with the content elements developed by us - without programming knowledge or code!

At the same time, rely on the flexibility of being able to supplement the existing functions with your own individual developments and programming or by integrating external modules.

Create added value with contentDock® and bring your digital content on course!

Create your own app templates:
Simple and easy to use!

Stand out from the crowd and design your own app.

Create your own templates with innovation and creativity - with our Wireframing App for iPads.
For the design of templates, there are more than 20 elements from the multimedia and graphics areas available, which can be individually set in size, position and rotation. Define the styles the way you need them.

By using the contentDock® SDK element, IT experts can also easily integrate individual extensions and programming into your app.

Of course, the contentDock® Wireframing App can be used offline.
Wireframing App →

Manage your apps!

No matter if one or more apps - master the challenge.

From the development phase to handling in day-to-day business - with our web-based App Management System you organize the employees & users of your apps as well as the content, templates, styles & fonts of the apps.

Motivate your colleagues to participate. Delegate tasks by assigning individual access rights.

Decide whether your app content should be freely accessible or whether access should be personalized by granting appropriate user rights.

Analyze the use of your apps and find out which content pages have been called up most frequently.
app management →

Integrate content from existing data sources!

When you are creating content, it is not uncommon for several parties to be involved.

Use content that is already managed in other data sources in your company and use it as a basis for efficient and goal-oriented handling for your apps as well.

Whether you are importing data from a CSV file or connecting your company's IT systems to contentDock® via the contentDock® API, save valuable time when it comes to integrating existing data.
contentDock® API →

Styles editing, Preview mode & publication

The creation of an app is not a straightforward and one-time process.
A good app doesn't arise overnight - it needs time to grow.
It is therefore all the more important to be able to test new versions at any time and publish new content independently.

With our contentDock® Viewer App you can evaluate and extensively test the implementation of your app in preview mode - as often as you want and as long as you want!

Furthermore, you can modify the styles of the used content elements in live mode and afterwards send them to your contentDock® user account.

If you would like to place your apps in the app stores, then rely on the support of our contentDock® SDK. For the publication in the app stores, you need a separate account with Apple and/or Google. Contact us, we will be happy to help you.
Viewer App →

Individual App Programming:
We are developer friendly!

It is no secret: Some requirements are so special that they require individual development. With contentDock® you have the necessary flexibility - add individual programming to your contentApps or integrate external modules. Here, experienced developers are in demand and also welcome to contentDock®.

Dear developers,
combine the advantages of our construction kit, the workflow and the contentDock® SDK.
Develops individual functions for the apps of your customers and transforms the apps into exclusive native apps in a few simple steps. Places them under his name, with his logo and his certificate in the app stores!

Integrates external data sources from your customers into contentDock® via our contentDock® API and manages their contentDock® Data Containers.
contentDock® SDK & API →

You don't have a developer? Talk to us! Together we will find a solution.

The security of your apps and your data is important to us!

The protection and security of your data is one of the basic principles of our daily work.

We consistently rely on the encryption of data, both during transfer and storage. Every connection to our servers, databases themselves and also the data streams to the mobile apps are secured by different encryption techniques.
security of your data →

No fixed terms and no limits - for more flexibility!

Get away from the idea of being bound by fixed contract period or limits!

Stay flexible and pay only for what you use and only for as long as you use it.

Create added value for your company with your apps: without fixed contract period and without limits!
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Continuous further development

The contentDock® platform is regularly extended with new functions and features.

contentDock® also lives from your ideas and suggestions. If you miss something, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly check whether a desired requirement can be implemented as a new feature or whether an individual development is more target-oriented for you.
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The contentDock® Tools

Discover the possibilities of use

contentApps for your customer

Use contentApps for your customers by offering exclusive content, for example for a booked trip or for high-quality learning content also as in-app purchases.

contentApps for your events

Use contentApps for selected events such as trade fairs, general meetings, cultural or sporting events and provide your users with the corresponding information.

contentApps for your media data

Use contentApps to create a media library with which you can publish media data of your productions and offer your users for free of charge or as in-apps.

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