App development is team work

contentDock's vision is to make the app development even more professional and easier. Especially the different members of the team are important to us and with contentDock we try to support the working process of each team member.


App designers extend their workbench and are directly integrated into the app development process. The designer create and customize the app templates and the elements styles during the whole development process as well as during the further development.

Software Developer

Software developers no longer have to develop the entire app, but only the special functions that cannot be implemented with the contentDock construction kit. The software developer uses our SDK and Swift/Objective-C and develops "ONLY" the special functions. This reduces test times and errors.


With the contentDock Management System, copywriters and content managers can set all contents that have been used with the contentDock construction kit. In addition, Data Containers can be managed for their content, which can also be used for the special functions programmed by the software developers.


Administrators can use the contentDock Management System to manage all employees and their rights for the project/app work. For each private project/app, administrators can specify which users are allowed to use the app.

App Manager

With the contentDock Management System, the App Manager can decide when a new app and content version should be published. The App Manager also hosts the individual company apps that were developed with the contentDock SDK and cannot be uploaded to the App Store.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers can use the contentDock Management System to measure the usage of their apps and learn new insights that are helpful for the further development of the apps or content.

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