Change history of the Wireframer App for iOS

Version 1.0

First version for the Apple App Store.

Version 1.1

Fixed Bugs

  • Element Color Panel as circle version could not be selected after creation.
  • Element Native Map - Field Description was not scaled for the iPad Pro.
  • Element Native Map - field location image is moved to the bottom of the layer order in relation to the other sub-elements.
  • The Scrolling Panel sub-elements could be rotated.
  • The Scrolling Panel element has been disabled for the Master Template, as it is for the Form elements.
  • Update Template size from the scrollview for the iPad pro without home button.
  • The x,y, height and width fields from the element properties view were not applied correctly in combination. Some elements were outside of the visible area.
  • Check fields x,y, height and width from the element properties view if they are outside of the visible area.
  • The Pixel Cross tool allowed negative values when reducing the element size. Problem is fixed.
  • The Pixel Cross tool allowed to move the element outside of the template. Problem is fixed.
  • Update handling landscape and portrait mode. Jumping sub-elements have been fixed and the correct number for the element order has been set for each view.
  • Update function "Same size" between portrait and landscape mode.
  • When pushing to contentDock, the template background color is no more changed.
  • General Updates for iOS 13.3.
  • Some design changes, user interface and speed improvements.