Data Container

You can remotely control the data records from your DataContainer tables with the API. DataContainer tables are separate database tables within contentDock®. Data containers are virtual groups in which DataContainer tables are logically related to each other. DataContainer tables are similarly configured to database tables. DataContainers are used for dynamic content elements such as Tables or Charts.

Data types

Different settings can be made per data field. Depending on the field type, size, validation and format settings are set. Standard field types include:

  • Text
  • RTE
  • Number
  • Real number
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Time
  • DateTime

Special data types

Furthermore, the following special field types are available:

Field type Description
Select For the field type "Select" you can create your own selection lists. Enter a unique number in the "ID" field and the associated "value".
Relation Relation to other data tables are created using the field type "Relation". You can also configure relation to data tables from other data containers.
File The field type "File" can save different file types. File types such as from the group: image, video, audio and PDF are allowed. For transferring a file, please set the URL from which contentDock® should download the file. The contentDock® API saves the file into your contentDock® account.
Color With this field type a color code can be saved.

Data field naming conventions

Please note the name conversion for the fields that you create in the DataContainer Table:

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