The API function pushToDataContainerTable is used to add, change or delete data records in Data Container. This process is asynchronous and the request returns a process ID. Now you can use the getProgressOperationID function to cyclically query contentDock whether the process has been completed and receive the processing log.

There are Webhooks so that you do not have to query contentDock cyclically.

The Webhook configuration is set in the account settings. There you can define a URL for each data container, which is called as soon as a process ID has been processed. Several Webhooks can be defined for each Data Container.

The contentDock Webhook sends a POST request to the defined URL and in the parameter operation you receive the process ID that was successfully processed. Now you can use the API function getProgressOperationID to query the processing log.

With contentDock Webhooks, you can integrate your Data Container management into an automated data processing.

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