Data Container in the SDK

Data Containers are very similar to real databases. You can create Data Containers in your contentDock user account (in the development area) and configure the desired Data Container tables for each Data Container.

Data Container tables are used for some contentDock standard content elements such as tables or diagrams. However, you can also use Data Container tables for your programming. The contentDock SDK has the following functions for this.


Daten Container tables are provided with the element Your Element for the SDK. You set this element in the contentDock wireframer app in the required size, rotation and position and configure it in the contentDock management system:

  1. the function name to be called by the SDK
  2. the DataContainer tables + records that you want to use for the element and page.
  3. The Publish process will pack the DataContainerTables + Records for the page and element. When you download / update your contentApp on the iPad / iPhone, the data records are stored in the SDK using the Key Value method.


Data containers can also be managed with the contentDock API. This allows you to transfer contents from your systems / databases to contentDock.

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