General overview

contentDock contains various content elements that you can use to design your contentApp. If these elements are not enough and you want to develop individual functions, then you can do this with this SDK. The following steps must be performed to develop an individual function:

  1. Add the element Your Element in the contentDock Wireframer App and place it in your template. You can set the size and rotation individually. You can also use the Your Elementmultiple times in a template.
  2. After your templates have been created and synchronized with the contentDock Management System, you can set your page structure and content in the contentDock Management System. For the respective Your Element you set the function name that you want to call in your source code.
  3. Publish your contentApp and depending on the SDK mode (Single/Multi) you can then test your functions.

Rendering principles

If a Your Element has a rotation, you don't have to rotate your functional output to the correct rotation. This is ensured by the SDK. You can always include other code libraries from other vendors and use them for your functions or SDK callbacks. There are no limitations.

SDK Modes

With the SDK mode, you decide whether your app should be started directly as a single contentApp, or whether you want to place an app in which all your contentApps are listed.

SDK Single Mode

With the SDK Single Mode you can start a contentApp directly as an App. You can integrate a version of your contentApp directly into your source project, so that a download of the contentApp is not necessary after the first app start. If you create a new version of your contentApp with the contentDock Management System, it is automatically updated in the App as soon as it is active.

SDK Multi Mode

With the SDK Multi Mode you can create your own contentApp catalog/magazine app in your own design. The contentDock Viewer App is an example of the features that the contentDock SDK provides. In this mode only the published contentApps from your contentDock user account are displayed and in the contentDock Viewer App these contentApps are no longer listed. This means that you can create a contentApp catalog/magazine App that has been created exclusively for your company/brand. All functions that are available in the contentDock Viewer App can also be used in the SDK Multi Mode.

Statistics with the SDK

Like the standard contentDock® Viewer App, the contentDock SDK collects statistics on the usage of a contentApp in the SDK Single & Multi Mode. You can evaluate this data with the contentDock Management System. Further information can be found at:

See contentDock Management System - Section Statistics

See in the privacy policy section 2.5 Tracking by using the mobile contentDock® Viewer app

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