Getting started


  • The contentDock SDK is designed for iOS 11.0 or later.
  • You need a contentDock user account. You can create this account with the Register link.
  • Depending on which contentDock SDK mode you are using, an SDK key must be created in your contentDock user account. For more information, see contentDock SDK Single Mode and contentDock SDK Multi Mode in this documentation.
  • You need the contentDock Wireframer App to define the areas for your individual functions. For more information, please visit contentDock Wireframer App
  • You need a contentDock contentApp project, which is created with the contentDock Wireframer App or the contentDock Management System.


If you only want to install the contentDock SDK, then clone the Github project contentDock SDK iOS copy the folder "CDockFramework.framework" into your source project.

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