Technically implement your own app designs

Expand your own competence and implement the created design technically!
Place the prefabricated content elements according to the respective design and adapt the styles as required - done!

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Install the contentDock® Apps

The contentDock® apps are free of charge available for iPadOS in the Apple App Store.

For Android, the contentDock® Viewer App will be available in the Google Play Store in spring 2020.

contentDock® Wireframer App

contentDock® Viewer App

Design templates - made easy with contentDock®

Use contentDock® as a tool for your customer projects when it comes to the design of a contentApp.

Inspire your customers by expanding your competence and taking over the technical implementation of the design.

First create the design with your usual programs and save the results as JPG files. Then design the templates with the contentDock® Wireframing App by loading the respective JPG file as a background image and then simply setting the required content elements. By default there are more than 20 multimedia and graphic elements available, which can be set individually in size, position and rotation.

If required, you can also individually define the styles of the elements in contentDock® app management system.

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