Questions and answers


contentDock® is reserved for businesses and is available for the creation of contentApps exclusively to companies, organizations and institutions.

The use of the contentDock® Viewer app is also possible for private individuals.

For customers with a contentDock® user account, the prices agreed at the time of registration apply. Billing period is the calendar month. The compensation will be charged on the last day of the month and will be made available as a PDF document in the user account by the 10th of the following month at the latest.

The customer will be informed by e-mail about the provision of the bill. Afterwards the collection of payments via our payment service provider will be arranged.

If the user account was deleted we reserve the right to bill our services before the last day of the month.

For customers who only want to load the contentDock® apps from the app stores, the prices listed there apply.

Simply using the "Registration" button. If you use the registration function in our apps "contentDock® Wireframer" and "contentDock® Viewer", you will also be directed to this registration page.

After completing the online form, you will receive an e-mail with a link confirming your registration. You are ready to start with contentDock®.

Registration is currently only possible in countries where the reverse charge procedure for VAT applies. If your country has a reverse charge procedure but is not listed in our country list, please send us a message. We will then check the list of countries.

There is no minimum contract period. If you have registered with contentDock®, you can work with the system for as long as you like. If you no longer need the services of contentDock®, you can cancel the account at any given time without notice.

The account owner or an administrator can add employees in the "customer account" area of the contentDock® Management System. There they can provide them appropriate rights (across-projects / project-specific) at any time.

The new employee receives an e-mail from the contentDock® system with a link to set his personal password. Then the employee can log in with his login data in the user account. However, the specific access possibilities of the individual employee within the user account depends on the access profile.

Personal data:
We collect this data only if we need it to communicate with you, to manage and control the user account and to bill our services.

Project content:
If you want to make project contents only accessible to a selected group of people, please select the project type "private". Users who are allowed to access the contents of such a project are explicitly enabled within the user account for the respective project.
Public projects can be opened by all users of the contentDock® Viewer app. Such projects should not contain confidential information.

Note: All data streams between the cloud-based contentDock® Management System and the contentDock® Apps are encrypted via HTTPS and additionally by AES with different keys per connection.

For detailed information on the collection of data, please refer to our privacy policy.

The account holder or an administrator can delete the user account via the system function provided in the contentDock® Management System.

The account will be closed immediately. If required, please back up your data outside contentDock® before deleting your account. This also applies to the tax-relevant documents (invoices), because from this point on no login is possible.

We appreciate creative design templates that are offered to us for sale. This allows us to constantly expand our template library and provide our clients with a wider choice of templates. For more detailed information about the process, please refer to the link special offers for designers.

The direct sale of own templates through us as a marketplace is currently not possible due to legal reasons. We are working on it.


To enable the API, the account owner or an administrator of the user account opens the "API" section in the account settings. Here the API for the account can be activated and the API key generated.

The API key is a multi-digit combination of letters and numbers and provides access to the data stored in your user account of the configured DataContainer. The API key works like a password. Please be very conscientious with the passing on of the APS key.

If required, we offer the cloud-based contentDock® system also for in-house hosting. We are using therefore docker containers or other virtual environments. If you are interested please contact us.

Our apps "contentdock® Wireframer" and "contentDock® Viewer" can be used offline. An internet connection is only required for synchronization with the contentDock® Management System.

The contentDock® Management System is web-based and requires an internet connection.

Data processing agreement

If you store personal data of third parties (e.g. of employees, users of contentApps, etc.) in contentDock®, you need legal protection according to Art. 28 GDPR.

As a registered customer of contentDock®, you can request the required agreement for data processing from us by e-mail.

Our data processing agreement was created out with particular care and in consideration of the legal requirements. An individual adaptation would at the same time bring with it a legal countercheck on our side. We ask for your understanding that we can not implement this for procedural reasons.