The contentDock workflow

Create a project

The first step is to create the projekct for wich you want to create an app.

Possibility 1:
In the app management system, you import a template project from the contentDock® Template-Library. Then you enter your editorial content there; if necessary, you can adapt the project to your personal requirements.

Possibility 2:
You create your own new project.
Your own projects, which are completely new can be created either in contentDock® management system or directly in the contentDock® Wireframing App. When creating new projects in the Wireframing App, please note that such projects are initially stored exclusively on your iPad. Your project will only be created and saved in contentDock® after it has been synchronized with the app management system.

Create new templates & edit templates

Possibility 1:
You use the templates from the imported template project.
Use the Wireframing App for individual customizations, e.g. to change the position or size of existing elements, to remove unnecessary elements from a template or to add further elements. Then start the synchronization to the app management system so that the changes are available for your contentApp.

Possibility 2:
You create own templates.
Open your project in the Wireframing App, create a new template and set the desired content elements. Then start the synchronization to the management system so that the template is available for your contentApp.

If the design of your templates was created with an external program, save its results in JPG/PNG files and transfer them to your iPad. Load the respective file as a background image for the corresponding template and then simply position the appropriate content elements on it.
Wireframing App →

Create page tree & set content

From here you will work with the app management system.

New projects don't have a page tree, only the home page. By creating new pages, the page tree builds up bit by bit. Each time you create a new page, you assign a suitable template to it. Then you can set the editorial content, depending on the elements of the template.

For existing and imported projects the page tree is already there. If you want to change it, simply add more pages or remove individual ones. Then, depending on the elements of the respective templates, you set the editorial content.
Note: When importing projects from the template library, the editorial content is replaced by placeholders to protect the copyright.
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Test & distribute a contentApp

Now the Viewer App comes into play.

You start the provision of your contentApp in the App Management System. Use the "Preview" option during the creation or modification of a contentApp. Test your project with our Viewer App until everything fits and you are really satisfied. Your app is not visible to uninvolved third parties in preview mode.
Viewer App →

Additional features or placement in the App Store

With contentDock® you get a high level of flexibility.

With the appropriate know-how, your developers can:
1. add individual programming or external modules to your contentApps;
2. integrate data from existing systems into your contentApps;
3. place your contentApps as independent Apps in the App Stores ...
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The contentDock® Tools

Are you ready to create contentApps?

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