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Use contentApps for individual learning content and make it available to learners in a personalized form if required.
Digitalization in education and training - actively participate in shaping it!

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The contentDock® apps are free of charge available for iPadOS in the Apple App Store.

For Android, the contentDock® Viewer App will be available in the Google Play Store in spring 2020.

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contentDock® Viewer App

Independent and versatile learning with tablets

Whether an education institution or a commercial organization - the delivery of individual learning and teaching material is a powerful challenge. Create with contentDock® own educational content and complement the used textbooks with digital contents along with fotos, texts, sound and videos.

Going ''green'' with contentDock® and renounce to paper - use the advantages of digital learning tools. Make your teaching content accessible to the learner too, if there is no internet connection available!

We support educational institutions in setting up to digital teaching material - feel free to contact us!

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