The security of your data is a central concern

Our basic principle is that advice and service are characterized by trust and honesty.
We take this commitment very seriously and it guides the daily work of every one of our employees.

Encryption of all requests

Each connection to the contentDock® Server system is encrypt with an SSL certificate of 256 byte and a key length of 2048-bits.

Encryption of the database

The contentDock® database is stored using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.

Encryption of the app data stream

In addition to SSL, we encrypt all data sent via AES between the contentDock® Server system and the mobile apps. The key used for this is different for each connection.

Storage in the European Union

The contentDock® server systems are operated in the European Union (Germany) and all data are processed and stored there exclusively on IT systems that meet compliance standards.

Data Security Policy for protecting your data

We do not pass on customer data to third parties or sell them for marketing purposes. Further information can be found in our privacy policy.

Install contentDock in your corporate network
based on your corporate policies.


Together with your IT department, we will create the right concept for the integration of contentDock® into your hosting environment.


We advise you on the various hosting options that are possible with contentDock®. We are particularly focusing on cloud hosting solutions.

Docker / Kubernetes

contentDock® is optimized for micro services with Docker / Kubernetes and can be perfectly integrated into the services of various cloud hosting providers.

Are you ready to contentDock®?

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