On the lookout for Creativity!

For our Template Library we are looking for templates that designers create for us.
Interested? Then convert your designs into creative project templates with contentDock® and offer them to us for sale!

You would like to get to know contentDock® first? Then simply follow the following link.

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The requirements


We are looking for project templates for the categories:
Architecture, Automotive, Chemicals, Education and Training, Fashion, Finance, Food, Healthcare, Hotel and Travel, IT, Manufacturing, Rental Services, Retail trade, Sports, Trade fair.

number of pages

A project template should contain about 8 different templates. The interesting ones in particular are templates that are designed for portrait and landscape views on the tablet.


contentDock® provides more then 20 content elements that you can use for your templates. Additionally the classic form elements are also available. Make your project templates interesting by using the variety of elements.


Please use descriptive texts for headings, otherwise use Lorem ipsum placeholder. When the customer imports the project template, your images, videos, etc. are replaced by placeholders. The texts, fonts as well as the graphics and images of your styles will be transferred.


We have integrated diverse Google Fonts in contentDock®. If you want to load additional fonts in order to use them in your project templates, please note that this is only possible if you can give us and our customers the necessary legal right of use.


Let your templates look fresh, professional and state of the art. Colors awaken emotions and when used properly, they also convey messages. Use color combinations and contrasts to make your project template something special.

The financial reward!

You have an idea?

Send us your quote by email.

For each accepted
design template we pay
the agreed price!

Ready. Steady.. Go...

Be creative and create your designs

Use your usual softwares and save the result as JPG files. Transfer these to your iPad.

Activate the designer profile

Log on to the contentDock® Management System and activate your profile as a "designer" in the account settings.

Create your design project

Creating a new project and select there the project typ
"design template".
This project type is free to use.

Create your project templates

In the template settings you can load your design jpg files as background image and set the contentDock® content elements.

Synchronize your project

With "push to contentDock" you synchronize your project from the Wireframer App to the contentDock® Management System.

Load the Viewer App and check the project

Start the preview publish in the contentDock® Management System and check your project directly in the Viewer App.

Submit the design project

Are you content with the result, then start the function "submit the design project" in the contentDock® Management System and give a short description of the project.

What next?

We accept your design project

If we accept your project we will inform you via e-mail about the next steps.

Changes to be made to your design project

We would only accept your project, if certain modifications are met, then we will inform you via e-mail.

Does not meet our expectations

If your design project is not successful, we will inform you asap via e-mail.


Once we have accepted your design project and paid the agreed price via Paypal, we will publish your project in our contentDock® Template Library and offer it to our customers for import as a project template.
This template will bear your name and your social links.

Are you ready?

Create an account directly, please feel free to contact us if you have any questionens.