Test and distribute your contentApps - with the Viewer App

Test and distribute your contentApps - as often as you want and as long as you want! Accompany the development of your contentApp in the preview mode and customize the styles of the used content elements.

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Install the contentDock® Apps

The contentDock® apps are free of charge available for iPadOS in the Apple App Store.

For Android, the contentDock® Viewer App will be available in the Google Play Store in April 2021.

contentDock® Wireframer App

contentDock® Viewer App

Why a Viewer App?

A good app doesn't arise overnight - it needs time to grow.
With the contentDock® Viewer App, you accompany the development of your app in preview mode.
Test your app until everything fits and you are really satisfied.
Play with the elements, the different styles and with the contents before you publish your app.

The Viewer App offers the possibility to make your contentApps available for use directly, quickly and easily as InApps.

Individual developments that are integrated with the SDK element can be tested via external systems such as Apple Testflight or Fabric.

Your own contentApp platform

contentApps - openDock & myDocks

After opening the Viewer App, you will automatically be taken to the "openDocks" area.
All contentApps that are marked as "public" by the respective publisher are displayed here.
These apps are accessible to everyone and can therefore be accessed without a login.

In the "myDocks" area, those contentApps are displayed that are marked as "private" by the respective publishers.
For these apps, you will be activated by the publisher. They can only be accessed with a login.

In order to make the search easier for the users, each contentApp is categorized by the publisher.
In this way, only the apps that are available in the categories you have selected will be displayed during the search.

After starting a contentApp, selected tool buttons are available to you.
Thus, there is a board to intuitively record notes, as well as the possibility of displaying an automatically generated sitemap and the publisher's imprint.

Preview publish

Accompany the development of your contentApps by triggering the preview publication in the app management system.
This allows you to test the content and functionality of your app without outsiders already having access to it.

If you extend your contentApp with individual developments by an IT expert (via the SDK element), the functional tests for his developments take place as usual via external systems such as Apple Testflight or Fabric.

You want to update or extend an already released version?
Simply start the preview release for the new version and compare both versions - old against new!

Style live editing

Customize the styles of your used content elements playfully in the preview mode. Each content element has a variety of styles that allow you to modify them individually. Finally, you can send each style modification directly to your contentDock® user account.

Offline usage

With the Viewer App, your content is perfectly accessible even in remote regions or well isolated buildings.
The only requirementis, that your contentApps have previously been downloaded to the mobile end devices via an Internet connection.

Users are informed about updates within the Viewer App if an Internet connection is available when they open it.
In the case of "private" contentApps, users are additionally informed via an e-mail generated by the system.

Direct placement in the app stores

With our contentDock® SDK and an own Apple/Google user account your app can be placed into the app stores.

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