Change history of the Viewer App & SDK for iOS

Version 1.0

First version for the Apple App Store.

Version 1.1

Fixed Bugs

  • Bugfix: Image size in the local project view.
  • Bugfix: Scrolling view about iPads without Home button. Change safe area.

General changes

  • Enhanced automatic font scaling for all elements and their sub-elements.
  • Enhanced automatic size scaling.
  • Enhanced impress data for an In-App.
  • The Location Manager for using the In-Apps can now be activated for the SDK in the cDockSettings.plist file.
  • General Updates for iOS 13.3.
  • Some design changes, user interface and speed improvements.

Enhancements for the elements

Element Audio:

  • Bugfix, color background style for Play/Stop Button when pressed.

Element Video:

  • Bugfix, sound from a video does not stop when another page will be selected or the In-App is closed.
  • New Styles added: Start video directly, Show video controls, Repeating the video all the time, Show start image after playing the video

Element Thumbnail Gallery:

  • Bugfix, view of the element, if no panel items are editorially set.
  • Bugfix, sound from a background video does not stop when another panel item/page will be selected or the In-App is closed.
  • Show controls for a background video.
  • Add Fade out & Fade in, when switch to another panel item.

Element PDF Button:

  • Bugfix, button border radius.

Element Navigation Button:

  • New Styles added: Block Font for active page.

Element Color panel:

  • Bugfix, color and background image behaviour: Background image is always behind the color / color gardient

Element Native map:

  • Add automatic adjustment of the zoom level.
  • Changing the layer order in the location view.
  • Changing position and size of the reset zoom button.

Element Hamburger Button:

  • New Styles added: Height of the close icon, Width of the close icon, Menu level back icon height, Menu level back icon width, Image height for drill down icon, Image width for drill down icon, Menu start level, Always show the active page first.
  • New Styles block Menu item back added: Block Font, Block Background, Block Border, Block Alignment, Block Margin, Block Size.

Element Form Textfield and Multiline-Textfield:

  • Show of the visual position of these elements, when the virtual keyboard is active.

Element Form Dropdown list:

  • New Styles added: Height of the drop-down icon, Width of the drop-down icon.

Element Pie Chart:

  • New Styles for Title on Pie Chart Segment added: Show title on pie chart segment (Yes/No), Distance between title and the pie segment, Font (Typeface), Font size, Font color.

Element Bar Chart:

  • New Styles added: Animation speed of the bars in milliseconds, Delay time before the animation starts in milliseconds, Border corner radius of the bars, Distance between the bars, Offset for the bars.

Sub-Elements Axis-X & Axis-Y:

  • New Styles added: Axis title offset.

Sub-Element Info-layer chart value point:

  • Bugfix, Show correct suffix and prefix.
  • New Styles added: Distance between title and value.

Elements Table:

  • New Styles added: Hide Table-Header, Border radius table cell.

Version 1.2

  • Update SDK load projects in multi mode
  • We have published a style example for each contentDock element in the "openDocks" section

Version 1.2.1

  • We have fix a visual bug with master template elements

Version 1.3

  • Integration of an element style editing system for the preview publish mode. With this you can simple change styles and send it to your contentDock User Account.
  • Some design changes, user interface and speed improvements.
  • Fix element style bugs.
  • Update contentDock SDK on Github

Version 1.4

  • With this version In-Apps can open other In-Apps
  • New styles (shadow, radius per element corner on/off, blur effect for images,...)
  • Improvement of various elements
  • Update Style editing handling
  • Some design changes, user interface and speed improvements.
  • Fix element style bugs.
  • Update for iOS 14
  • Update contentDock SDK on Github

Version 1.5

  • The element "Navigation Button" was extended. The target page can now be shown in a layer.
  • The element " Image" was extended. A page indicator can now be set.
  • The element "Native Map" has been extended. Direct routes and tours can now be shown.
  • Synchronisation has been improved.
  • New styles have been added.
  • User interface and speed improvements.
  • Update contentDock SDK on Github